NJ.com has a very emotional story today of Staff Sgt. Steve Batista. He has been a Marine for a long time. Since 2004 he's served his country, years before his 8-year-old son Ryan and 2-year-old daughter Eden were born and for all the years they've been alive. The family from Lyndhurst is filled with heroes. These little ones are heroes too, for the sacrifices they've made in sharing their dad's time for all of our safety and security.

Ryan's dad has been away for quite a stretch; a 10 month deployment in Afghanistan. After not seeing his father for almost an entire year, Ryan was going up to bat at his Little League game as a pitching change was being called. Out to the mound came his father with baseball in hand. Little Ryan was so focused on his own job at first he seems not to realize what's happening.

Then it hits him.

He charges the mound and that finally leap through the air into his father's lonely arms is where I lost it. These videos always get to me. These people and their families are amazing human beings to sacrifice all they do, and without them we would all have very different and miserable lives. Steve's wife Jillian and little girl Eden soon joined them on the field and this very special moment was all caught beautifully on camera.

I'm not crying, you're crying.

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