Tuesday Al Alvarez, accused by Katie Brennan of sexual assault but never charged or prosecuted, sat testifying before committee. He was smarmy, smug, and to my eyes had the confidence of someone who knows much bigger players will protect him to the end. The swagger of someone who knows he has to play the game and give some reasonable sounding answers but doesn't really have anything to lose.

Bizarre enough about the DNA bombshell. Katie Brennan reported almost immediately what she says was a non-consensual sexual assault to authorities and had a rape kit test done at the hospital, yet prosecutors claim the DNA was not Alvarez's. A stunned Katie Brennan says it couldn't be anyone else's. Prosecutors also said there were no corroborating witnesses, yet Katie Brennan immediately called her husband who was overseas and told him her version of events and also called a close friend. Neither one of these people were ever contacted by the prosecutor's office which claimed there was no corroboration. She could presumably provide phone records of those calls to back up the testimony these people were never asked for.

I smell a rat.

For one thing, Alvarez doesn't say nothing happened. Quite the opposite, he says something did indeed happen in her home and that it was consensual. So for anyone thinking this DNA denial by the prosecutor would disprove Brennan's story, wouldn't it also disprove Alvarez's? Think about it. It doesn't add up. I'm not big into conspiracies, but this stinks to high heaven.

Then even more bizarre, there's this man's testimony Tuesday where he's directly asked the question no one else has been willing to answer. Who hired Al Alvarez for the chief of staff position? Everyone who could have hired him has said it wasn't them. Then here comes Alvarez to testify he doesn't know.

Watch this hard-to-believe video below from NJ.com of Alvarez being questioned as to who offered him the job. He says he has no idea.

Really? When I was a teenager and worked at Wendy's, I could have told you who said to me, "You're hired." When I got my first radio job I clearly remember the general manager welcoming me aboard. When I was hired for the first time in 1993 by New Jersey 101.5 I remember the phone call perfectly. It happened aboard an airplane on one of those old seat back phones where you could make ungodly expensive calls via credit credit. I called to follow up and it was Perry Michael Simon who offered me the job. (And changed the course of my life, thank you Perry.) When I was hired back in 2011 after accepting a counter-offer that brought me to Michigan for many years I remember clearly it was Eric Johnson who hired me and welcomed me back.

I don't care if it was these jobs or when I worked in a dry-cleaning joint in Avenel, a warehouse in Hillside, or a blueprint shop in Linden. I damn well always could have told you who hired me.

For this man to sit and testify that he has no idea who offered him a plum job that paid $140,000 per year is just preposterous. It makes no sense. Frankly, it discredits hims. If he can't provide that simple answer, anything else he says is suspect. If there indeed is a conspiracy underway and it is as ugly as I suspect it is, we may never get to the bottom.

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