No one suffers more after the death of a child than the parents, especially a mom and especially if it's the fault of your accident. A South Jersey mom fell asleep after a night out with her husband and accidentally smothered the child. Since she had a few drinks that evening the prosecutor pressed charges and she plead guilty to second degree endangering the welfare of a child. She was given four years in prison for her mistake. As if this woman hasn't suffered enough the state and the county thought it was a good idea to put her in prison, where she'll be exposed to REAL hardened criminals. This can't be good for anyone, not for the woman, her husband and remaining child or society.

We talked about it on the air Friday and we were shocked to hear how many people thought she should be put away. It's not really shocking because most people was to cast aspersions on someone they think isn't as good a parent as they are... until something like this happens to them. County prosecutors in this state by and large do a good job in putting bad people away from the rest of society. In some instances they go overboard in prosecutions to prove a point or to build a record of convictions. Yes, it happens, and if it ever happens to you, you'll get it. Our justice system was designed to keep dangerous people from harming the rest of us and rehabilitating them. Jail time is no rehabilitation for this woman.

I've raised three kids, Judi has raised four and we both have grandchildren. Nothing is more precious to us than our families, especially the children. But we also know that in the course of bringing up a family, some bad things can happen... by mistake. We both couldn't understand how so many people who called in on Friday had no sympathy or empathy for this woman. Maybe this email we received after the show could have changed their view.

Hello, I wanted to call but was nervous. I was in group therapy with this woman. It was the 1st time her and her husband went out for drinks since baby was born. She has a daughter as well. Her husband supported her after this. You could literally feel the pain that she was feeling. I don't think she should do jail time. She spent a lot of time in therapy. This news breaks my heart.

Just be careful how you judge people for their mistakes. You could be on the wrong end of yours someday.

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