Context is something I often refer to when discussing video and audio tapes that get leaked to the press and damage a career and cause the internet to explode. This is not one of those times.

The elected Bergen County sheriff who was caught on tape talking disparagingly about black people should absolutely hang up the star and head home.

It's one thing if someone makes an off-color joke. It's another to say something blatantly racist. And an apology doesn't cut it.

It's even debatable whether his comments about the attorney general constituted anything more than a concern and opinion about hiring practices based on diversity over qualifications. Although in the case of the AG, even though I vehemently oppose his policies and the endless lawsuits against President Trump's administration, he's certainly qualified to serve based on his extensive experience.

That aside, the blanket statement made by the sheriff about labeling a race of people as criminals — especially considering his role as the top law enforcement guy in the county — is reprehensible.

His feelings expressed in the statement are bad enough, but think about the potential of questionable judgment when going after criminals. How many criminals can now stand up and say that maybe they were targeted because of skin color? It would be virtually impossible for the sheriff to continue in the role and put the community at ease that race was not going to play a role in decision making.

My gut tells me that he already knows this and will be out of the job no later than Monday. Thinking that he's having two conversations, first with the union rep to make sure he doesn't have any interruption in pension and benefits, and second with his lawyer to make sure he can't be sued or reprimanded after he departs.

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