✅ A resident addressed Mayor Bonaccorso during the June 20 meeting

✅ Bonaccorso said he made the comment under his breath

✅ The Republican apologized for racist and sexual comments in 2022

CLARK — A mayor who previously made headlines for getting caught making racist comments on tape and getting charged in a corruption case, is back in the news after a microphone picked up derogatory comments about a township council candidate at a Township Council meeting.

In video posted on the township YouTube channel of the June 20 meeting, Democratic candidate John Greaves commented about a back-and-forth Bonaccorso had had with a resident who opposed a county plan for the Clark Reservoir park.

The longtime Republican mayor said he "resented" the resident's assessment that the township was not protecting residents.


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John Greaves
John Greaves (Our Clark Media via YouTube)

Mayor touts township programs for developmentally challenged children

As Greaves walked away from the podium, Bonaccorso quietly said he was a “f--king r---ard." The meeting continued without reference to the comment from other members. NJ.com first reported on the remark on Wednesday.

"It was not a shout-out to anybody and if it was said, because I don't recall it being said,  it was under my breath and it was unfortunate and that's it. I have nothing else to say on it. It's being blown way out of proportion," Bonaccorso told New Jersey 101.5 on Wednesday morning.

The mayor went on to tout the township's programs to assist developmentally challenged children

"We have a preschool here that these kids come to through our Board of Education rent free so they stay in our community. They don't have to be bused out. Our Rec Center has the Shining Star program for developmentally challenged children to come here and recreate," Bonaccorso said.

Greaves told NJ.com he was not aware of the comment until he watched the video.

Bonaccorso, who is running for a seventh term as mayor, apologized in 2022 for making racist and sexual comments caught on audio tape and posted by NJ.com.  He apologized for the comments calling them “hurtful and insensitive" and promised he would never again speak about a race of people in that way.

He also worked with Rahway resident Mark Bullock and his group New Life CDC to help bring people together.

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