WOODBRIDGE — Residents are being advised to stay away from stray and wild animals after a raccoon tested positive for rabies.

The raccoon was acting erratically and appeared to be sick along East Smith Street during the day on July 10, according to an alert issued by the township.  Animal control officers captured  it and sent its carcass to he state Department of Health, where it tested positive for rabies.

The raccoon did not come into contact with any humans or animals, according to the alert.

Residents were urged to make sure garbage and recycling bins were locked tightly, not to feed wildlife and to make sure your pets rabies vaccine is up to date.

"If you are bitten by an animal, especially one that is acting erratic or unusual, contain the animal if you can do so safely or get a good description of the animal for later identification, cleanse the wound, seek medical attention, and contact the Health Department at 732-855-0600, Ext 5007," said Dennis M. Green, director of the Woodbridge Township Department of Health & Human Services.

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