There's Black Friday and Cyber Monday. But sandwiched between those post-Thanksgiving shopping days is Small Business Saturday, which is set for Nov. 24.

The day, created in 2010 by American Express, has become a popular way for communities to celebrate local mom-and-pop shops.

A survey released by American Express and NFIB found about 67 cents of every dollar spent at a small business remains in the community. About 91 percent of consumers believe it is important than ever to support small businesses this holiday season.

Jerome Montes, staff director at New Jersey Main Street Alliance, says every Saturday should be Small Business Saturday.  If you want a strong local economy, you will support your local businesses and small business owners regardless of what day it is, said Montes.

When people shop local, they get to know their local business owner, said Montes. They get to know their merchandise, their services, their store.

"This is a luxury not afforded to you if you're going online and getting something from a big store. The small business owner tends to know what he or she is selling," he added.

The best way to grow the economy and create jobs is to support local businesses and entrepreneurs, said Montes.

"It's important for the public to support local small businesses because you really need a diverse economy to have a strong economy. Small businesses not only provide great products and great services, but they reinvest into the community," said Montes.

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