We had a real treat this morning on the show. Piff the Magic Dragon stopped by the studio. Meteorologist Dan Zarrow and I are HUGE fans of Piff. If you've never seen Piff live, I highly recommend it.

Piff, along with his assistant Mr. Piffles, was kind enough to perform a magic trick while he was on air with Bill. My first mistake as producer of the show was the fact that Dan, nor I, volunteered to be Piff's assistant for the trick. Bad move. In hindsight, having Bill perform the trick with Piff was not the best decision.

Anyone who has seen a magician work, knows the assistant should be having fun as they participate. Bill admittedly says that he lives in the awkward. That phrase has never been more true than today. Piff performed a very cool card trick for the morning show staff. Dan and I were in amazement as the trick unfolded. Bill, well, not so much. Piff brings a mind-reading dog in Mr. Piffles to the studio and Bill can't even help him out with some enthusiasm. C'mon Spadea!

Bill was such a bad assistant, we actually had Piff perform another trick off air, after the show was over with our Traffic Reporter Jill Myra, who showed Bill how to be a proper magician's assistant.

Check out both versions in the video above.

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