JERSEY CITY — A pit bull puppy that had been left for dead until it was saved when another pit bull found it is now on the road to recovery following surgery for head trauma.

Second Chance Rescue of New York City reported on their Facebook page that Theo, an 8 to10-week-old pit bull, will be fostered by the Queens-based organization's vice president.

Theo was found lying in the basement of a vacant home with severe head trauma by another pit bull that was being walked by his owner, according to Second Chance, which took over the dog's treatment from Jersey City Animal Control.

The puppy at first was thought to be blind after he was brought in with a large lump on the side of his head.

After being cared for by emergency vet partner Verg South, Theo's vision returned and he started standing up on his own. The lump on his head got smaller every day.

"If he had not been found he would have died all alone without ever knowing how wonderful his life could be," wrote the Shelter in a post chronicling the recovery of what the shelter calls a "mini miracle."

Jersey City Police spokeswoman Jennifer Morrill said late Tuesday there are no leads in the case because the house where Theo was found is abandoned. She said anyone with information should call Jersey City Animal Control at 201-547-4888.

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