When I was passing through the lunchroom yesterday I saw probably the nastiest looking brown apple sitting on a serving table where food is left out for the entire staff. Usually it will be things like bagels or maybe good old Jersey pizza at lunchtime. But here was this brown apple uglier than Charlie Brown's Christmas tree sitting there with dents in it and even some black spots.

First I challenged various co-workers to eat it asking them to name their price. Dan Tantillo said no because he had a softball game after work and didn't want to be sick. DoubleDown grunted and indicated no amount of money would work.

So we took pics of the monstrosity and put it up on the D&D page for a vote if listeners wanted me to try it . Sure enough the results came down nearly 70% ... EAT IT, JEFF!

So I did. This video shows what happened, with a shocking outcome.

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