This past weekend, Aubree and I took Atticus for his first haircut. After all, he has to look good for his party. Atti turns 1 on Sept. 12.

Like almost everything else this kid has been through (first time in a restaurant, first time sleeping in a different place, etc.), we were waiting for the meltdown that never came. When you're not even 1, having someone squirt water on your head and noisy scissors snapping around your face ought to be a meltdown recipe.

Nope, not this guy. He was as mellow as a Dave Matthews fan. Now it was in part because our friend Gina who cut his hair suggested he sit on his mom's lap for his first haircut. Another thing that helped was Gina giving him his own comb to play with while she worked with her's (sorry about the slobber, Gina; sterilize that thing).

Funny thing about first haircuts, first tooth to fall out, and things like this: we parents save them, but 30 years later do we even know what happened to them? Is your child's still somewhere in a box in your attic? Did you give it to them when they moved out? Or between real life and so many moves and so many years ... did it just quietly vanish?

Tell us about the keepsakes you've ... well, kept, or lost in the comments below or by Tweeting

— Jeff Deminski

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