For all the worrying we parents go through over how to explain things to children we often worry for nothing.  This video is exact proof of that.

Here's a little boy named Calen who's parents may have worried how to explain two gay men married to each other when Calen's too young to even understand sex. What they may have not factored in is that he only needed to be old enough to understand love. This video is of the first time Calen is encountering a gay couple. He asks them a few questions, says it's the first time he's seen two husbands instead of a wife and a husband, then says the thing that boils it all down to its most simple core. "So you love each other."

Just like that, in less than a minute, he's processed it, accepted it, and moves on with his day telling them he's going to go play ping pong. Then adds that they can play ping pong too if they want. The entire world can take a lesson from this sweet little kid.

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