Two things that New Jersey residents take very seriously are politics and family. Last night we got a little bit of both during  NJ 101.5's Town Hall Meeting at Rider University.  Many topics were covered and listeners got a chance to share their opinions and concerns. In addition, with the help of Dennis & Judi, one couple stole the show.

Marriage Proposal

Joe and Emily from Cherry Hill were planning on attending last night's Town Hall session for a few weeks now.  At some point after they purchased their tickets, Joe reached out to Judi Franco via Email and asked for her opinion on surprising his girlfriend Emily, who is a HUGE Dennis & Judi fan, at the event with the proposal. Anyone can ask their girlfriend to marry them on Valentine's Day but proposing at NJ101.5's Town hall meeting, now THAT would be a first!

Dennis & Judi loved the idea and designed a plan to make it happen. The only people that were aware this was taking place beforehand was our Moderator Eric Scott, Program Director Eric Johnson and Ray the Prize Guy who was out in the crowd holding the mic for questions.

We heard questions ranging everywhere from property taxes, to gay marriage to education and alimony reform and even what the hosts' take on the cast of the Jersey Shore was. Eric Scott began to wrap it up by asking the audience if they had any random questions for the hosts. The final question of the night was from Joe in Cherry Hill.

Before Joe could ask a question, Judi turned the tables and started grilling Joe with questions, including questions about his lovely girlfriend Emily who was sitting next to him. Judi wanted to know how long they've been dating and when Joe replied '2 years,' Judi wanted to know why they weren't engaged or married yet. That was the perfect set up for Joe to get down on one knee and pop the question. You can watch the entire event unfold on the video below.

Now the question is, do Dennis & Judi get invited to the wedding? Should they sit at the head table? Knowing Dennis & Judi, they'll probably want to be invited on the honeymoon as well. I mean after all, Dennis & Judi SHOULD get all the credit, right?

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