With winter storms upon us here in New Jersey, perhaps it's time to ask you once again to please remove the snow and ice from your car. It's not that difficult, and, it's a common courtesy to all other drivers on the roads.

Now yes, some cars are harder to clean than others. Either it may be a high-profile vehicle, or it may have a roof rack that makes it more difficult.

In those situations, the best thing to do is get as much of it as you can off before traveling. At least then you made an honest effort, and anything else that's left hopefully will blow off nice and easily.

But what about those cars that are easy to reach the top or have no roof racks? For that, there really is no excuse.


Yes, it's very annoying to have to go outside when it's freezing out to clean the snow off your car, but if you travel on New Jersey's roads after a snowstorm, you have to do it. Here are a few things to keep in mind before traveling in snow.


1) It's the law

Perhaps the biggest reason to clean your car off is this. In New Jersey, you must remove snow from your car before traveling.

Although, it's a shame this even needs to be a law. Quite honestly, it should be common sense. So if you get pulled over for this, you only have yourself to thank.

Snowy dangerous car overtaking on highway
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2) It's dangerous

A good reason why it's a law to remove snow from your vehicle in the first place. And don't assume that loose powdery snow will just blow off your car with ease. Here are a couple of reasons why it's dangerous.

Photos from the Feb. 9 snowstorm in NJ
By Justin Winther

For one, that powdery snow blowing off can be blinding to the cars behind you, creating an even more hazardous situation. Just because you can see through the front of your windshield doesn't mean to be inconsiderate to the people behind you.

Another reason is the risk of ice sheets forming. As your car warms and temperatures go up and down, it can turn that snow into an ice sheet on our roof. And at just the right speed, that ice sheet can fly off at any moment and potentially cause an accident by hitting the vehicles behind you.


3) It's pure laziness

When it comes to snow cover on cars, far too many people are simply lazy. They just don't feel removing snow from their vehicle pertains to them. And many accidents happen as a result of their laziness.

Stuck in car during snowstorm
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You never know when a winter storm will surprise us with an unexpected amount of snow. So please be prepared, and clear off your car before you go. Let's do our part to keep New Jersey's roads safe.

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