Along with her job in the "real world," my sister has a horse farm. Wanna stop by?

The BIG news is...for the second time this year, there is a new foal (baby horse)!

4 days old! AMAZING! (Craig Allen photo)

The new addition is full-blooded Arabian. That means, as an adult, he will be grey. And, worth a great deal of money...

He is 4 days old in these pictures!

Along with the horses, my sister raises LOTS of chickens...not only for their eggs, but for show (competition). You've heard of dog shows? Well...there are chicken shows. Seriously.

Seeing as my sister holds a "zoo license," she can keep all kinds of animals on the property!

Peacocks roam the place, "strutting their stuff." Although they were being "shy" while I was there...

In the past, she had a llama! Lets just say that it wasn't very friendly. When you would walk past it, more often than not, it would make a rumbling noise in its throat...and then SPIT at you. llama spit. YUCK!

One of the goat buddies came out of the barn to say HELLO to YOU! (Craig Allen photo)
Meet one of her pygmy goats...or as she calls them, the "goat buddies." Pygmy goats are social...the two goats (only one came out in the heat at picture time) do everything together...(except maybe pose on demand).
He's a big "ham..." for a goat!! (Craig Allen photo)

And, I did get to feed another new addition to the farm, before going on my merry way:

Meet the real "ham!" NO...not ME!! (Craig Allen photo)

Piggly Wiggly.

(that's her name...don't wear it out).

Your author, outside "The Pig" in Kenosha, Wisconsin...for all you "That '70s Show" fans. Yes, the town and the store exist... (Craig Allen archives)

Not to be confused with the grocery store of the same name....