For as long as I can remember, a flag has always been flying at my Dad's place.

Originally, there was a flag bracket by the garage door.

Dad's flag flying, from the fence, on July 4th. (Craig Allen photo).

Later, the flag moved to the driveway it was easier to see/enjoy from the road.

Earlier this summer, all of us "kids" decided it was time for an upgrade.

We gave Dad a flagpole (new flag included) for his birthday.

On Labor Day...

Breaking through the Jersey shale with a post hole digger. (Craig Allen photo archives).

...the "installation" began.

Are we getting close to being done? (Craig Allen photo archives).

We needed to dig down 26 inches...and 12 to 18 inches in diameter.

I just LOVE the Jersey shale...don't you?

Then, we covered the hole, because NJ101.5 Chief Meteorologist Dan Zarrow said it was going to rain on Tuesday.

Wednesday evening...

3 inches of gravel goes into the hole, for drainage. (Craig Allen photo).

...the flagpole project shifted into high gear...

Placing the flagpole "sleeve" on the drainage stone. (Craig Allen photo). the plan was to have the new flag flying proudly on Friday, September 11th.

Mixing the first (of many) wheel barrows of concrete. (Craig Allen photo).

Shovel by shovel...

It's kind of like gray (rocky and heavy) oatmeal. (Craig Allen photo). goes the fast-drying concrete.

Keeping the aluminum ground sleeve level. (Craig Allen photo).

Before the hole was...

Guess who is keeping the sleeve level now. (Craig Allen photo archives).

...completely filled...

Almost done. (Craig Allen photo).

...we used three 80 lb bags of concrete mix.

Now that the hole was filled, it was time to make it...

As the band Heart sings: "Even It Up." (Craig Allen photo).

...look good.

Looking good...and level, too. (Craig Allen photo).

Now, all we can do is wait...and wait...and wait.

The concrete must set at least 24 hours...which means, we're "on time" for the "big reveal."

Friday, September 11th, 2020. (Craig Allen photo).