Have you ever seen a person driving while talking to their dashboard? Actually it's the cellphone attached to their dashboard. For some reason, there are people who feel they need to be seen while they drive so they video chat. Since video chatting is hands free, there is no law against it. That is possibly until now.

Hudson County Assemblyman Nicholas Chiaravalloti has proposed a ticket carrying a $200 fine for "using Facetime or a similar app while driving." You would think common sense would dictate that you shouldn't be face timing while driving but this is New Jersey where some just need to be seen.

I can't think of any possible reason one would feel the need to FaceTime while driving, other than to get their expression caught on tape just before they hit whatever it is that they're not looking at because they're FaceTiming. Wouldn't that be a great YouTube moment. Maybe the driver can monetize the video and use it to cover the law suit they will be getting from the person they hit.

But seriously folks, this is one law that should easily go through. Drivers using GPS or Siri for voice to text wouldn't be affected.

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