I had the privilege of having a conversation with a young man and his dad on the morning show and on Chasing News last week.


Landon Nix and his father, Rashan, joined me to discuss the action 9 year old Landon took to help his friend who was subjected to a verbal tirade from a school bus aid. The incident turned physical as it seems the aide is seen in the video pushing the student back in his seat.

Landon, for his part, knew something wasn't right and started taking video on his phone. When I asked him why he did it, he said he wanted to help protect his friend.

There were a couple takeaways from my conversation with Landon and his dad. First of all, he admitted that the friend who was subject to the now terminated bus aid was misbehaving, pouring water on the floor and using foul language. The second thing I took away is this courageous 9 year old had the guts to act despite being nervous for his own safety. This is a kid clearly raised right by a dad who grew up in a different era.

I spoke to Rashan about that era that we both grew up in, where kids had respect for adults and authority in general. Although the aide was wrong to act out screaming, cursing and shoving a child, the kid was also wrong for misbehaving.

The fact that Landon and Rashan did not wrap themselves in being victims really caught my attention. Oh, and Landon wants to be a cop. I think this young ma is exactly the type of stand up kid who will someday make an excellent addition to New Jersey's Finest.

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