I don't know when Sunday brunch became so popular or so obnoxious, but give me a good old Jersey Diner. There are approximately 525 diners in New Jersey and we happen to go to one called "Jersey Diner".

My folks like to go after Sunday Mass and we're usually a group of 6 to 12 people. Sundays were always dinner at mom's house for some reason, a birthday or anniversary or some holiday. When my parents got a little too far along to host big dinners, Sunday breakfast at a diner became the tradition.

You may have lived in Jersey for a long time and you may have been to a ton of diners, but unless you've been to a diner in New Jersey on a Sunday morning, you haven't really experienced either the way you should. There's just a feeling that the world is right on a Sunday morning at a diner here. You can pay three times as much and wait for an hour(for breakfast?!) for one of the trendy brunch places. Here's just a small sampling of what you can find if you go to one.

  • Captain Crunch french toast
  • Oyster's Benedict
  • While chocolate macadamia nut pancakes
  • Chocolate chunk bacon waffles
  • Shredded Oxtail and banana pepper hash
  • Candy apple lacquered quail
  • Macaroni and cheese pancakes
  • Reese's pieces french toast
  • Waffle dogs

Or you can probably get seated right away and order anything on a menu of about 100 items(which is usually the size of your average road sign) and have your food brought to your table by a no nonsense diner waitress who loves to call you 'hon'. I'm a simple Jersey guy. Put me down for the diner most Sundays but every once in a while I might get a hankerin' for a Candy Apple lacquered quail(whatever the f*&% that is!).

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