If you're in need of a heartwarming story, look no further.

A notification popped up on my Facebook page from the Hudson Valley group. It showed an older man in a boat, and the caption read "SHARE HUDSON VALLEY."

Facebook user Maddie Gundlach shared the story of an 83-year-old man who made a promise to his late wife. Barry Clark, of East Windsor, is making a trip from New Jersey to Lake Champlain.

It is a trip he was supposed to have taken with his wife. She unfortunately passed away in June at age 79 before they could take the adventure.

Barry is keeping his promise to his wife Dolores. He is currently on his way up to Lake Champlain and made a stop in the Hudson Valley.

On Sunday, Barry left New Jersey but had to spend the night under the Tappan Zee Bridge due to heavy rains. He then made his way to the Hyde Park Marina where he met Jeff Ledoux.

Jeff tells us that Barry initially was trying to get to Kingston by Monday, Aug. 13. However, Jeff and his friends and family extended a hot meal, shower, fresh clothes and place to stay the night in Hyde Park, which Barry gladly accepted.

On Tuesday morning, Jeff took Barry to breakfast, cleaned up his boat and sent Barry on his way.

Since Tuesday, Jeff has been receiving messages from people in the Lake Champlain area offering Barry a place to stay and eat. Word is spreading about Barry's trip and it looks as though he's meeting some great people along the way. At last check, Barry was in Waterford, New York.

Maddie Gundlach

If you're on the Hudson you may see signs of encouragement for the 83-year-old like this one out of Mechanicville:

Maddie Gundlach

Good luck, Barry!  We'll be waiting to hear how his trip ends and who he meets along the way. And like the sign says, we know Dolores is proud!

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