New Jersey often gets accused of being a nanny state, but at least we aren't pushing to ban smartphones!

A group in Colorado is doing just that by pushing for a ballot initiative that would ask Colorado voters if the sale of smartphones should be prohibited to kids under the age of 13. Under the proposal being spearheaded by Parents Against Underage Smartphones, it will be up to retailers to inquire who the smartphone is being purchased for.

The founder of the group, Tim Farnum, told USA Today he's pushing for the ban due to the psychological impact smartphones have on children.

And while New Jersey certainly has its share of cell phone laws, no lawmaker or group is leading the charge here. Government has often been accused of over-reaching, but shouldn't we let parents decide whether their kids gets a smartphone or not?

That's just part of what Annette and Megan talk about in the latest Forever 39 podcast — listen above.

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— Annette and Megan, Forever 39

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