Bridezillas! We've all heard the term, and perhaps some of you have caught a few episodes of the reality television show by the same name on WE tv, but have you ever dealt with a real-life bridezilla? For those of you that raise your hands, you have our sympathy.

As brides strive to get picture-perfect photos for their big day, more and more of them are making unrealistic and ...well ... just crazy demands on their bridesmaids. A recent article in the New York Post reported on one bride in Manhattan that sent her bridal party to a wellness boot camp so they could drop a few pounds before the wedding. But that's not the worst of it. Some brides are demanding their bridgesmaids get cosmetic procedures like Botox, avoid tan lines, and go on expensive diet plans costing hundreds of dollars a week. One bride, according to an article in Brides, demanded her bridesmaids pay for her wedding dress. The cost? $10,500!

And with wedding season in full swing, it's possible some of you are dealing with this now. How can you cope? Check out some tips from The Knot that might help you stay sane enough to get through the wedding.

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— Annette and Megan, Forever 39

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