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We've all seen the footage of the United Airlines passenger that was dragged off a plane in April after the airline enacted what a spokesman called an "involuntary de-boarding situation." The video, which went viral with over 125 million views, sent shock waves through the world, and got many of us questioning how much worse flying could possible get?

Despite all the stories people seem to have about the frustrations over flying, a recent J.D. Power 2017 North America Airline Satisfaction Study, shows overall customer satisfaction continues to increase, reflecting the fifth year in a row satisfaction is up in the U.S.

Still ... we all have stories! From almost missing a connecting flight to duty-free hassles, what annoys you the most these days about flying? Share your story by emailing us at

And check out the podcast player below to find out how Megan's sister handled seeing someone die right next to her on a flight she was once on.

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