When springtime comes here in New Jersey and you decide it’s time to get out and really get a taste of the outdoors, you start thinking about hikes.

And then you start thinking about your best friend accompanying you.

There are so many beautiful displays of nature this time of year all around New Jersey that the best way to take advantage of them is to enjoy them with your four-legged friend.

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Adobe Stock

But remember, there are some places that just don’t seem dog friendly. Not every hiking area is suitable for dogs.

So I rounded up a list of spots that are considered to be great for hiking with your pup. Easy to navigate hiking trails where your pet won’t feel out of place.

Remember that all of these spots require dogs to be on leashes.

Blueberry Hill – The Red Trail – Gibbsboro Greenway System – Gibbsboro, NJ

Navigate different types of terrain, including rocky, sandy, and smooth, and get a great view of Philadelphia.

Holmdel Park —Holmdel NJ

10 miles of trails, with levels ranging from easy to challenging. Hit the paved half-mile loop connecting the pond view and forest edge sectors.

Mountain Lakes Nature Preserve — Mountain Lakes

Google Maps
Google Maps

It’s an easy 2.3 miles, when you’re not in the mood for a rugged sweat-inducing workout. You can walk this trail meandering through creeks…and take it easy if either your dog or you is feeling lazy that day. Very shady, very flat terrain.

Leon Smock — Eatontown

Google Maps
Google Maps

So many have already discovered a fun hike with their dogs in this park, but no matter. Leon Smock 80 acre park in Eatontown is just that.

Eighty acres of beautiful treed landscape. A beautiful nature walk with miles of soft dirt trails for you and your dog to traverse. It's easy on the knees and relaxing.

Cheesequake State Park — Old Bridge

Depending on your energy level, you and your dog can choose from 1.5 to 3.5-mile tracks. But remember this is no flat surface. Some of these trails have some significant inclines. This could be a great place if you and your dog both need a little exercise.

Round Valley Reservoir — Clinton

Dogs will love the Round Valley Reservoir trails probably because the owners do. They’re easy to navigate. There are many other dogs walking by the views are beautiful. The bonus is a fenced-in area where, although it’s not a formal off-leash area, many others report their dogs can run free there.

Sourland Mountain Trails — Hillsborough

Kind of a hidden gem (although it may not be after this). These trails are definitely a road less traveled. For a serene walk around a lovely pond in nature trails, it’s a perfect hike for you and your dog.

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