With the cases of COVID-19 running rampant in New Jersey, as in many other parts of the country, many people are wondering what happens next.

The good news now is that even as cases rise to the highest levels since the beginnings of the pandemic, death rates remain lower.

Could this be since 83% of people in New Jersey received at least one COVID shot and 70% are "fully vaccinated?" Although that definition is changing.


Many of the cases now are obviously fully vaccinated people, but perhaps that's what's keeping the death rate low or that the new strain is not quite as deadly as previous rounds of COVID. Some who are eligible are lining up to get their booster and some are holding back because the shot was not the panacea they thought it would be.

As the year ends many people are wondering what's next. We asked our listeners for their prediction on where they think this is going. Here's some of what they had to say.

"It will go away so the Democrats will have a win going into the mid-term elections."

"We'll learn to live with it."

"An international court will press charges against the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control."

"The virus will peak in January and February, and peter out come March."

"COVID is going nowhere."

"People will get lazier and stupider."

"This will go on until they federalize mail-in voting with the John Lewis Bill."

Take your pick or come up with one of your own. Almost no one thought we would be in the situation we are currently in, especially with the vaccines being made available to everyone earlier this year.

Very few have been able to predict how life will be six months out since this thing started. We'll see in a few months how right some of our listeners may have been. Stay tuned!

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