After a year of being locked up and shut down, we can all use a little adventure. And I’m not talking about going out for a meal at a restaurant and actually sitting indoors. I mean a real adventure.

Have you ever been watching TV, or reading a book that mentions some fun, cool, crazy activity and thought, “I wish I could do that right now?!!” It can often feel like a struggle to find adventure in New Jersey, however, plenty of it exists.

If you are looking to do something impulsive or out of the ordinary, this list is for you.

  • 1

    Air Balloon Flights

    Growing up, I always dreamed of going on a hot air balloon ride, but was too nervous. The idea of being in a large float, soaring over New York City, however, sounds like an opportunity no one could pass up. A-Lot-A-Hot air balloon rides offers year round air balloon rides truly customized to your liking. Rain, shine, snow, sunrise or sunset, A-Lot-A-Hot is ready to provide you with an unforgettable experience. This is the perfect activity to book with a group of friends.

  • 2

    BiPlane Ride

    If you are interested in anything American history related, a ride on the Cannibal Queen will be the coolest experience of your life. This biplane was used throughout WW2, and has an open cockpit. There are several flights to choose from, based upon which scenery you are interested in, but you can’t go wrong because whichever you choose will have you soaring through the sky feeling the fresh breeze, yelling “I can’t believe how beautiful this is!”

  • 3


    One of my cuter list adventures is parasailing. (Especially since it’s not as scary to land in the water as it seems like it would be to land on the ground like you do in sky diving) If you’ve ever wanted to go parasailing, now’s your chance. And mine! Atlantic parasail offers a wide variety of water activities and is one of the most trusted companies in New Jersey. You can book a day on the water with friends or family and enjoy a beautiful ride over the ocean for the day. And the best part is there’s no experience needed.
    I hope to experience this this summer to make up for the summer of 2020!
  • 4

    Tubing with Hotdog man

    Here is the most interesting activity of all.—one you never knew you needed to participate in. Many people have been tubing down the various waterways of NJ. But have you ever eaten a hot dog while doing so? The Famous River Hot Dog Man is waiting along the Delaware river to serve you and your friends the yummiest tubing snack. Greg Cance, the hot dog man, has been serving up hot dogs since 1987. He grew up tubing and always wished there were better snacks for the journey...which is where he got this idea. All you have to do is find the hotdog man when you reach the Milford, New Jersey area of your ride and you are set. Get ready to take some insta-worthy photos of this—um—interesting experience.

  • 5

    Diggerland USA

    Diggerland is a family oriented theme park focused on the one thing young children love best: Construction. This theme park is the ultimate place to spend the day with children, but there are also adult-only experiences that are truly one of a kind. Ever wanted to ride a tractor or bulldozer? Well now you can. Diggerland XL, is the adult section of the theme park, where you have unrestricted access to heavy machinery. This is the perfect activity to do with friends, and family. And, since it’s guided it could be a great team building exercise.

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