Many people are still in shock over the assassination of another New York City Police Officer Miosotis Familia who was ambushed and shot through the passenger window of her command car this week. Enough is enough.

I was joined Thursday by retired NYPD Detective Joe Giacalone to discuss the fallen hero and what we should be doing to prevent this in the future. As it's now known, the murderer had been released from prison early on a prison term for assaulting a police officer. That attack involved the assailant using brass knuckles to pummel the officer. What on earth is a violent criminal like that doing out on the street?

Bail reform, rehabilitation discussions, solitary confinement debates all seem to reflect a growing position that criminals are somehow victims. No, they are not. Criminals are criminals and the people they victimize are the victims. When arrogant politicians like Chris Christie and Cory Booker push the agenda that puts the focus on the number of prisoners and people who can't afford bail, ask yourself, is their proposal gonna make my community more or less safe?

Here are my thoughts on the next steps to reduce the number of criminals currently trolling our streets and preying on the innocent and ambushing those in charge of protecting our society.

  1. Bail reform: Undo the recently-enacted bail reform in NJ that is responsible for letting potentially violent criminals free.
  2. Longer sentences: Increase the number of years actually served in prison for convicted violent offenders.
  3. Death penalty: Restore the death penalty for capital offenses. Period.
  4. Stop whining about solitary confinement: Oftentimes, that prison tactic is for the protection of the inmate as much as it is for the benefit of the general prison population. Sorry, punishment should be punishment. Portraying violent offenders as victims is often wrong and misguided and can certainly be dangerous.
  5. Build more prisons: It's good for job creation, certainly more useful than a light rail to nowhere, and solves the problem of prison over-crowding.

Remember, there's a thin line that separates civilization from savagery. That line is blue. Stand up for all law enforcement including local cops, state troopers, corrections officers, prosecutors, sheriff departments and park rangers. All are doing a job to protect our communities. Protect cops, keep criminals in prison where they belong.

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