Make prepping your Thanksgiving turkey even more dramatic, and possibly more ethical, this year by heading over to a local New Jersey turkey farm and picking out a fresh turkey.

Many farms across New Jersey spend the year ethically raising turkeys, feeding them natural and humane ingredients. Whether you are simply looking for a fun day at the farm or want a fresh turkey, consider checking out one of these farms this year.

Of course, you can get the free turkey from the supermarket when you spend a certain amount of money. But why not support a New Jersey institution instead?

A lot of people don’t even think of New Jersey’s turkey farms during the holiday season, but they really should. People say there is nothing like a fresh delicious turkey and you really can’t find anything like it in your local supermarket.

Here are the 5 best:

  • 1

    Lee Turkey Farm, East Windsor

    This farm raises around 3,000 turkeys a year and takes about 1,000 orders just for Thanksgiving. You can pick up the turkey on-site or order in advance, but if you come in person you can also pick your own fresh vegetables that can be used for Thanksgiving dinner.

  • 2

    Spring Valley Turkey Farm, Old Bridge

    Spring Valley allows for its turkeys to roam around outside just as they would in the wild every day of the year. Because of this, the farm is not open to the public, but you will be guaranteed a delicious turkey if you order.

  • 3

    Ashley Farms, Flanders

    Ashley Farms is unique in that they raise their turkeys from the very day they are born. They have built a relationship with a farm in Ohio and have been adopting turkeys for over 60 years. They feed them homegrown corn among other homegrown food and the staff is kept at a minimum. If you like a juicy turkey you will want to check out this place.

  • 4

    Hinck's Turkey Farm, Manasquan

    For close to 100 years, Hinck's has produced some of the best turkeys around. Their turkeys are fed on a six-stage nutritional program, and you can choose from a variety of slices. This is a great place to check out if you aren’t cooking for a ton of people but want high-quality, fresh turkey.

  • 5

    Griggstown Farm, Princeton

    This spot sells some of the best oven-ready turkeys around. If you are new to turkey cooking consider buying from here as all turkeys come with thorough cooking instructions that will ensure the perfect turnout. There are also a variety of turkeys and marinades to choose from saving you the work of creating your own sauce.

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