The saying goes “Trenton Makes the World Takes,” but what the rest of the world doesn’t know are the signs that you are from Trenton — and the areas surrounding it.

Here are the five giveaways.

You avoid Whitehorse Circle at all costs.

Google Maps
Google Maps

If you grew up around Trenton, it almost felt like a rite of passage once you got your license to have to navigate this torturous roundabout.

Located on Route 206 just past the new Lucca restaurant, this traffic circle takes you one of three ways.

Make a right towards Yardville, go straight towards Hamilton, or left into Trenton.

The only catch? Everyone seems to drive like a lunatic in this circle.

You call it pork roll.

Craig Allen/Dennis Malloy/Townsquare Media
Craig Allen/Dennis Malloy/Townsquare Media

Ever gone to your local deli and asked for a pork roll egg and cheese?

Yep, that makes you a Trentonian!

With Case Pork Roll having their headquarters located in Trenton, you live right in the heart of Pork Roll heaven, and don’t be sorry about it!

You know what a tomato pie is.

Kyle Forcini / Townsquare Media
Kyle Forcini / Townsquare Media

The rest of the world is really missing out.

While New Jersey is known for their delicious pizza, the Trenton Tomato Pie is one many New Jersey residents may not have had.

We put more sauce than cheese on the pizza dough, and make it thin crust, well done.

You’ve gone to a Trenton Thunder game.

Via Trenton Thunder
Via Trenton Thunder

Whether it was called Mercer County Waterfront Park, Arm & Hammer Park, or now just Trenton Thunder Ballpark, at some point you had to have gone to a game here.

Although the Yankees moved their Double-A affiliate out of here, the ballpark was still part of Minor League Baseball for 40 years.

Located at 1 Thunder Road, it’s hard to miss.

You call it the Trenton Makes Bridge

Trenton Makes, The World Takes
Photo by Josh Friedman

It would be easy to just call it the bridge into Pennsylvania, but when there’s giant lettering on the side? You must go buy what it says, and that’s exactly what anyone from Trenton would do.

This isn’t just any old bridge, and it’s also not the “Trenton Makes the World Takes” bridge either.

Shorten the phrase, and let it be widely known as the Trenton Makes Bridge.


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