Isn’t it a part of your regular nightly routine to make sure all your doors are locked before going to bed or have I just seen one too many horror movies?

I could never imagine being able to go to sleep not being absolutely sure that every door in the house is locked, but according to a recent study, there are four towns in New Jersey that are considered trusting enough to leave doors unlocked overnight.

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The study was performed by a website called They surveyed 3,000 adults across the country based on gender, age, and geography to determine which towns and cities feel most confident about their overnight safety.

Through our comprehensive study, we've uncovered that the spirit of community trust is still very much alive in certain American towns," says smart home expert Marty Spargo of

These places stand as testaments to the possibility of a society where people feel secure enough to leave their doors unlocked. It's a remarkable reflection of the local commitment to safety and neighborliness in today's fast-paced world.

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Now while that kind of thinking doesn’t necessarily scream “Jersey” to me (Hell, we ARE the home of the Sopranos), the following four towns represent New Jersey in the top 60 towns.

3️⃣2️⃣ Washington Township

Noting Washington’s low crime rates (two per 1,000 people), the town is considered one of the safest in not only the Garden State, but the country.

Google Maps
Google Maps

1️⃣8️⃣ Evesham Township

Automate Life points out that the amounts of both violent crimes and property crimes have trended downward over the last two decades. It’s no wonder residents there feel safer than in most towns.

Evesham (Google Maps)
Evesham (Google Maps)

1️⃣3️⃣ Vernon Township

Vernon, according to the study, is safer than 80% of U.S. neighborhoods.

The chances of becoming a victim of a violent crime in Vernon are 1 in 10,000, which is significantly lower than the New Jersey state average of 1 in 595 .

Furthermore, Vernon Township has shown an overall downward trend in crime over the past 21 years, with both violent crime and property crime decreasing.

Vernon (Google Maps)
(Google Maps)

Finally, the top New Jersey town on the list? Coming in at number six on the list…

6️⃣ Middletown Township

Middletown is known for its low crime rates, affluence, and its public school system, all bonuses when looking for a good place to live. This isn’t the only time it’s been praised; in 2016 it was recognized by SafeWise as one of the safest cities in America to raise a child.

Google Maps
Google Maps

You can read the full list from Automate Life here.

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