Now that the snow is finally gone and spring is here, what better way to celebrate than by joining Big Joe Henry and the BStreet Band at the Big Jersey BBQ and Brew Festival in Mercer County Park?

On Saturday, May 10th, we’ll be in West Windsor from 12-5 P.M., kicking off the warm weather months with great people and great food, and we want you to be there too!

To prep you for the feast ahead, check out four great beer and food pairings below, courtesy of our awesome sponsor, River Horse Brewery.

  • 1

    River Horse Lager with Fish 'n Chips

    Just because St. Patrick’s Day only comes once a year, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the taste of Ireland with this aged malt lager. Unlike the Irish, however, this brew pairs nicely with traditional English fish and chips. Sláinte!

    Photo Courtesy of River Horse Brewery
  • 2

    River Horse Hop-A-Lot-Amus with All Things Spicey

    This beer is testament that hops and spice pair nice! Combine this Double IPA with the exotic tastes of Indian, Asian, Cajun, or Latin American dishes for a flavor trip that departs from the norm.

    Photo Courtesy of River Horse Brewery
  • 3

    River Horse Special Ale with Bar Food, Cheese, or Chocolate

    This is the beer of a man’s man. It pairs well with bar food, sharp cheeses, and red meat. But ladies shouldn’t neglect this brew either, as it’s makes a tasty treat alongside chocolate!

    Photo Courtesy of River Horse Brewery
  • 4

    River Horse Summer Blonde Ale with BBQ'd Meat

    Celebrate the break in cold weather by enjoying the light flavors of this ale with burgers, grilled chicken, or smokey ribs. This is the perfect beverage to toast with at our upcoming barbeque!

    Photo Courtesy of River Horse Brewery