Do you suffer from owning too much stuff? My family sure does. And I feel like most people in New Jersey do too.

Of course, with the holiday season fast approaching, that stuff-itis is only going to get worse.

Have you ever considered a viable alternative to spending tons of money on tangible gifts?

The headline of this article gives away the punchline here. "Experience" gifts — a trip, an evening of fun, a relaxation day — provide lasting memories, rather than an accumulation of physical objects.

And let me lay a hard truth on you: There is absolutely nothing wrong with giving a gift card, gift certificate, voucher, or even handmade coupon to a friend or family member. As long as it is a thoughtful gift that comes from the heart, your recipient will appreciate and cherish it. And I guarantee the memories of that experience will last a lot longer than stuff.

They are good for last minute surprises too. Pick a destination, print a gift card (if available) and/or personal note, wrap it, and give it. (Tip: Be sure to check Groupon for special deals, discounts, and packages.)

Using my own research and experiences as a starting point, I put together some solid gift ideas that fall in this "experience" category. Going beyond the standard movies and concerts, manicures and massages. I tried to curate a list featuring a variety of price points, target audiences, and locations across New Jersey.

(Having said that, fair warning: In general, experiences are generally pricier than things. Sometimes, they're a lot more expensive.)

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