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MARLBORO — Three men who had been accused of taking turns repeatedly raping a woman not long after meeting her at a Manalapan bar have had the most significant charges against them dropped as part of a plea deal.

Andrew J. Gallucci, of Marlboro, Richard S. Gathy, of Manalapan, and Ronald W. Hondo, of Monroe Township in Morris County, were all 24 years old at the time of their arrests in April 2022.

According to a criminal complaint, the three men had met a woman and her male friend at a Manalapan bar. Officials said the woman and male friend went back with the three men to Gullucci's home in the neighboring town of Marlboro.

The male friend then became ill after drinking something that was handed to him, officials said. According to the complaint, the woman told investigators that while her friend was incapacitated, she was restrained by the men. They took turns; two raped her while the third stood guard, officials said.

Andrew J. Gallucci, of Marlboro (Monmouth County Prosecutor's Office)
Andrew J. Gallucci, of Marlboro (Monmouth County Prosecutor's Office)

Each man pleaded guilty to third-degree criminal restraint, Monmouth County Prosecutor's Office spokesman Mark Spivey said to New Jersey 101.5.

New Jersey 101.5 was unable to reach defense attorneys for the three men.

Sex assault charges dropped in plea deal

In April 2022, Gallucci, Gathy, and Hondo were charged with first-degree aggravated sexual assault, second-degree sexual assault and third-degree criminal restraint.

They ended up pleading guilty to criminal restraint while the sex assault charges were dropped.

Richard S. Gathy, of Manalapan (Monmouth County Prosecutor's Office)
Richard S. Gathy, of Manalapan (Monmouth County Prosecutor's Office)

When Monmouth County Prosecutor Lori Linskey announced the charges against the men in April 2022, she said it was "a disturbingly coordinated and predatory attack.”

"We commend the courage of the victim in coming forward to report what happened to her, and we look forward to bringing those responsible to justice,” Linskey said at the time.

New Jersey 101.5 asked the prosecutor's office about the plea deal, including whether it included prison time for the defendants, whether the defendants had to admit to any wrongdoing, and what factors contributed to the lenient deal.

Ronald W. Hondo, of Monroe Township (Monmouth County Prosecutor's Office)
Ronald W. Hondo, of Monroe Township (Monmouth County Prosecutor's Office)

The Monmouth County Prosecutor's Office declined to comment on the plea deal prior to the outcome of their sentencing hearing, which is scheduled for Oct. 6.

Son of a powerful attorney

Andrew Gallucci is the son of Mario Gallucci, a criminal defense attorney with his own firm based in Staten Island.

Mario Gallucci is a member of the Top 100 National Trial Lawyers and has been described by the New York Times as a "stylish, tenacious defender." He goes by “@MrAcquittal" on both Twitter and Instagram.

He was listed as the defense attorney for both of his son's co-defendants, Gathy and Hondo.

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