For so many of us here in New Jersey, the tragedy of 9/11 lives on, not only in our memory, but in the pain suffered by the people around us directly affected by the attack that day.

It's hard to believe that next month 20 years since that fateful day.

One of the good things that came out of that horrific tragedy was the Tunnel To Towers Foundation. They raise money for the family of first responders killed or severely injured in the line of duty. Their chairman and CEO is Frank Siller, whose brother Steven died that day trying to save lives at the Twin Towers.

He was on his way to golf with his brother when he heard over his scanner that a plane had hit the North Tower. He called his wife Sally and told her to let his brothers know he would catch up with them later. He went immediately back to his station and then headed toward Manhattan.

When he reached the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel, it was already closed, so he took off on foot with 60 pounds of gear on his back to help in the rescue effort on his day off. He died trying to save lives that day.

That kind of dedication and commitment to helping save and protect life is so rare in today's world. That kind of honor and service is shared by many people in our communities and nation by our first responders and military. From donating mortgage-free homes for the surviving families to donating smart homes to those catastrophically injured and their families, Tunnel to Towers is one of the most deserving causes in our country.

Saturday, September 11, 2021, a fundraiser for T2T will take place at New Egypt Speedway in New Egypt. The event runs from noon to 4 p.m. and all proceeds go to the Tunnel To Towers Foundation.

Regular evening racing will commence at 5 p.m. following the event. Car, trucks, motorcycles, and race cars will be on display. It's sure to be a great family event at an iconic venue in Central Jersey. If you need a distraction that day and at the same time, give to an unbelievably worthy cause, you should check it out.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Dennis Malloy. Any opinions expressed are Dennis Malloy's own.

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