Ramen is one of those foods that please practically everyone. You can tell how popular it is from the way a new ramen spot pops up monthly all over New Jersey.

All over the country. But this ramen place in Westfield and Millburn has something something special: The chef.

So what are most 17-year-olds doing this summer? Working in an ice cream shop? Lifeguarding at the beach? Making plans for their dorm rooms come fall? But how many of them are chefs at a popular New Jersey restaurant?

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There’s a hot ramen spot in Union County, New Jersey that’s creating quite a buzz.

Sum Ramen has become a favorite among foodies in downtown Westfield thanks to its unique flavors, housemade broth, noodles and textural ingredients.

The seasoned restaurateur behind it, Sum Yueng, is well-known in the New Jersey dining scene.

But it's the Chef de cuisine at Sum Ramen — Matthew Cheung — who's really turning heads. Why? Because he’s just finished his junior year at Millburn High School.


Though his mom still has the final say on the menu, it’s Matthew who’s been driving the latest innovations. The summer menu at Sum Ramen now includes Dan-Dan Mazeman — a chilled, brothless ramen inspired by the famous Chinese Szechuan dan dan mian, featuring spicy ground pork, scallions, sesame and soy garlic sauce, bonito nori flakes, bok choy, and fried lotus root. Also new is Zaru Soba, cold buckwheat soba noodles with Mentsuyu dipping sauce.

In addition to traditional ramen options, all made with house-made broth, the menu offers various Japanese drinks, tofu dishes, sesame noodles, dumplings, and more.

Swing by Sum Ramen to try the new summer chilled ramen dishes. Trust me, it’s worth the trip.

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