On the air, we discussed whether Gov. Christie made the right decision in allowing himself to be videotaped dancing at a Springsteen concert (and not for the first time!).

I admit, he did look kind of silly, but I explained to Dennis that there's no such thing as being a True New Jersey Springsteen fan and NOT dancing at his concerts.

After all, a New Jersey Springsteen fan is way different from a regular fan. We have more invested in him with his being our hometown hero and all. We have more passion, devotion, and love for Bruce then your garden-variety Springsteen fan in, say, Minnesota or in Spain.

In fact, I think it's time to further define what an actual Springsteen fan is — and is not!

You're not a real Springsteen fan if ...

1. You don’t remember the hat and beard.

(Photo by Monty Fresco/Evening Standard/Getty Images)

2. You think “Blinded by the Light” contains the lyric “Douche."

3. You’ve never driven by any of his houses.

4. You think “Born in the USA” is a patriotic ode to America.

5. You hit the road a little early 'cause four hours is a long time to be at a concert.

Getty Images

6. You love and appreciate Patti Scialfi’s contribution.

Getty Images

7. Your first concert was after 1990.

Getty Images

8. You’ve never taken off school or work for a concert.

Getty Images

9. Your favorite song is “Dancing in the Dark.”

10. You have no idea where the name “Tom Joad” came from and never bothered to ask.

11. You sit through an entire show.

Getty Images

12. You go to the Bathroom during “Kitty’s Back” cause you don’t recognize it.

13. You refer to him as “The Boss.”

Getty Images

14. You hold up a sign requesting a song.

Getty Images

15. You’ve never teared up during a concert, not even for a second.

Getty Images

16. You're New Jersey 101.5 News Director Eric Scott:

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