Well it’s true that some people have braved the beach or the local pool during this heat wave here in New Jersey, some people absolutely refuse to go outside in the sweltering heat.

I, for instance, won’t step foot on a New Jersey beach in temperatures like these. Why? First of all, I value the soles of my feet. But secondly, unless you were in the water the entire time it can be downright unpleasant. That’s why many people, like me, search for indoor activities to do during New Jersey heat waves like this.

It’s not like you never thought of any of these activities as possibilities. It’s just that you don’t necessarily think of them on days like this. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the coolest, most fun activities that you can do indoors here in New Jersey.

I tried not to specify any particular locations, because I want this list to be universal and accessible to people all over New Jersey. These are suggestions. So you’ve got to take the next step and Google the closest locations to you.

Indoor play space

There are so many of these for kids of all ages all over New Jersey, whether it’s FunPlex or iPlay America or Chuck E. Cheese, today is a day to take advantage of the A/C in one of these family-friendly spots. And don’t forget the trampoline places which are fun for kids but also wildly therapeutic for adults!

Rock climbing gym

Just because it’s hot out doesn’t mean you don’t wanna be active. And you’ve probably been saying you want to try this out. Today’s the day.


Not only is it family friendly but it’s cold inside a bowling alley. You could even find one that has more than just bowling inside like Humdinger‘s in Paramus where they’ve got batting cages indoors too.

Retro arcades

These aren’t just arcades. They are Yestercade with locations in Red Bank, Westfield, and Somerville. There is also Silver Ball in Asbury Park… Places that you may be able to enjoy along with the kids.


I know it sounds obvious if you have kids, but have you ever considered making a trip to the aquarium with adults? Or just you and your significant other? You see aquatic life in a whole new way when you’re not bending down and tending to the little ones and answering their questions.

Paint Pottery or Paint and Sip

Both of these activities are fun to do with kids. However, adults find this one of the most relaxing, fun, and, yes — cool — things to do — in every sense of the word.

Laser tag

Another activity that is probably designed for kids but adults enjoy just as much if not more. Located in mini indoor amusement centers all over New Jersey, there’s got to be a laser tag spot near you.

Indoor golf

There are two types of indoor golf. Mini golf and virtual golf. You’ve probably experienced the mini golf centers like monster golf that proliferate in New Jersey. And, yes. Those are really fun to do with the family on a cool day. But if you love real golf and just can’t bring yourself to wander around a course on a day like this, virtual golf centers like TopGolf and Golf Cave are the perfect places to brush up on your swing.

Indoor rollercoaster

I’m sure there’s pretty much only one place to do this and that’s the Nickelodeon Universe theme park at the American Dream mall. But if you have a hankering to go to a real amusement park — only indoors — now’s the time to discover American Dream.

Indoor skiing

Again there’s only one place to experience indoor skiing in New Jersey and perhaps even all of the Northeast. For that, you’ve got to make a trip to American Dream. Imagine what it feels like to show us down the slopes indoors while it is sweltering outside? What a Rush.

Medieval Times

It’s the only place like it in New Jersey. You can cheer on a jousting match inside a medieval castle and enjoy dinner, too. It’s one of those places that you always meant to visit but never had a chance to go to. And a heat wave is a perfect time for your first experience.

Liberty Science Center

Maybe you went when you were 12 with your eighth-grade class. Or maybe you dragged your kids there on a rainy day at some point. But You can spend hours here either with your family or just with adults. And I’m telling you you never really appreciated this place the way you will on a day like this.

Indoor Sports Facility

There are a few indoor sports facilities in New Jersey. And they really come in handy on rainy days or during heat waves like the one we are experiencing now. Off the top of my head, I remember Sportika in Manalapan, which has basketball, baseball and a bunch of other sports you love doing outdoors but would rather do indoors where it’s cooler.


Yes, of course, you can just go in there to browse the stacks. But if you Google your local library you would be shocked to find how many great programs they have for adults and kids alike. Perfect for a day like today.


I know you haven’t been there in a long time so a hot humid day is a perfect place for you to reacquaint yourself with the mall. Not only that, but it’s the perfect time to grab something at a great sale price.

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