When Texas Governor Greg Abbot wrote a letter to a newspaper inviting New Jersey people to move there, I ended up with two hours of conversations with people who want to go anywhere but here.

So I asked why, and what the biggest problems wirth New Jersey are. These are some of the reasons I got.

Jeffrey Matthews: The people running the state

Fran Boyle: The corrupt politicians we always seem to have

Mike O'Donnell: Jughandles

David Hershey: Driving safely through Lakewood

Russell Bien: The guy in the left lane doing 55 — YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!

Nick Palumbo Sr.: The high cost of EVERYTHING

Brian Startare: The property taxes that strangle us

Steven Srebrenick: The traffic

Karalynn Gerace-Greensweight: Too much overpopulation! Not enough open land!

Jenny Cat: Perpetual road construction. ... New Jersey is going to be a great state when they finish it!

Chrissy Biglin Harris: Everything except having someone pump your gas is great

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