We wish a Happy 100th Anniversary to the pork roll producer Johnston House Brand and the Battisti family. It was Gabriel Battisti who started the company in Chambersburg back in 1920. Since then pork roll, or as it's also called Taylor Ham but I don't want to argue about that, has become the signature meat of New Jersey. We love our pork roll, egg and cheese. But is that all we've got?

There's got to be more to pork roll than egg and cheese. When I was in elementary school, one of my classmates Paul would bring in uncooked pork roll, tomato, and mayonnaise on a kaiser roll and I swear I would trade my toys for it. I also love the idea of pork roll on a pizza. What aren't they selling that along our boardwalks down the shore? Want more ideas for cooking pork roll? Try these that were given to me on my social media.

Justin Morris: "Pork roll, burger. And cheese."

Teddy Maturo: "Dice it up in mac n cheese."

Jim Mcclintock: "Line a long roll with it underneath cheesesteak."

Rich Ross: "Dice in hamburger grill with carmelized onions and mozzarella on an everything bagel."

Gary Smigocki: "Sliced porkroll with onions fried in olive oil."

Mike Brandolino: "Wrap a whole pork roll in bacon. cook it in the oven like a ham."

Michele Ruch Wilson: "Potatoes cheese onions and ham- great casserole."

Mary Viscomi: "Cut it up and add it to salad."

Keith Vena: "Taylor Ham and pepperoni grilled in a skillet topped with American Cheese on either a toasted roll, bagel or English muffin."

Scott Russell: "Put it in a quiche, but of course Real Men don't eat quiche."

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