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Congratulations on finding Mr. Right. Now, if only he could turn the temperature up between the sheets, he would truly be perfect.

There's no doubt that staying hot and heavy in the bedroom can get a lot more complicated for couples the longer they've been married. And once kids enter the picture ... it's tough to even find the time for a proper makeout session. If this sounds familiar, it's time to kick things up a notch!

In this Forever 39 podcast, we turn to an article published by that explores the 10 ways married couples can improve their sex lives. And while you might not be willing to try all 10 suggestions, there are bound to be a few that peak your interest. So click on the podcast player above as we reveal all 10, and whether we think they're realistic for today's multitasking couples.

What have you done to spice things up in the bedroom? Email us at

Also from this week's Forever 39 podcast — Banning the best friend label. PLUS: 2018's hottest spring fashion trends. Click on the podcast player above to hear the entire episode. Share your thoughts on all of them below, on Twitter, on Facebook or at

— Annette and Megan, Forever 39

Join us for next week's podcast when we discuss why being single is so expensive, proper response time to calls, emails, and text messages, and what the law says about keeping the ring after a broken engagement.

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