The most called-out sick day of the year is the Monday after the Super Bowl. Kraft-Heinz is actually starting a movement to make "Super Bowl Monday" a national holiday.

According to a national survey by, nearly 30 percent of all Americans arrive late for work each day. On the flip side is the finding that 53 percent of employers expect their employees to be at work on time and 41 percent said they have fired someone for being habitually late.

What makes this tougher in New Jersey is the unpredictable morning commuter traffic and the ever-changing weather. I find it funny when the traffic reporter says "Give yourself some extra time this morning." Like I've really got it to give.

For years, I would wake up with just enough time to get out of the house and on the job at the exact time I would start — save five minutes either way. I would always find myself stressed out on the ride in, freaking out at anyone who was driving too slow in front of me, (everyone) or speeding down the highway trying to make up time, and praying I wouldn't encounter a cop.

Then I started taking that traffic reporters' advice and started giving myself some extra time, which made the commute so much more pleasant and in turn, made me a more pleasant person during the day, because I didn't start it stressed out.

Recently, I asked people on social media to list some of the things that made them late for work.

Here are the top responses, in no particular order:

  1. Sean - The dog pressed snooze on my alarm clock.
  2. Josh - Giant vagina with legs attacked my car.
  3. Paul - Accidentally tripped and fell on my wife. Took a while to get off.
  4. Joe - (Not Big Joe) I called out fat once.
  5. Eric - I'm still drunk and not quite yet hungover.
  6. Tom - Couldn't turn off the Steve Trevelise radio show. Had to sit in the car and continue captivating listening. (common excuse ;)
  7. Louis - Trump blocked my re-entry to the country.
  8. Lyle - I have an eye problem and can not see any reason to come in...

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