The Little River Band, according to chart success, is one of the top 300 musical acts of the rock era (they’re #272), which, when you think of all the thousands of groups that have existed, is pretty impressive.

Their first top ten hit, “Reminiscing” hit #3 in 1978.  Fun fact: When John Lennon was separated from Yoko Ono, he had a girlfriend named May Pang; “Reminiscing” was “their” song; supposedly, John liked to have sex to that song.

The LRB had a string of soft rock hits, like “Lady”, “Lonesome Loser”, “Cool Change”, “The Night Owls”, “Take It Easy On Me”, and “Man On Your Mind”, all of which reached the top ten in the late 70s- early 80s.  The song I picked just missed making that list, topping out at #11:  “The Other Guy”.

To no one’s surprise, Big Joe stiffed me again.

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