Steve Forbert is a singer-songwriter from Mississippi who landed two songs on the Hot 100 chart, with 'Romeo’s Tune' being the bigger hit, by far. Although he has been in the music business since 1978 (when he signed his first recording contract) and still performs today, he never equaled the commercial success of 'Romeo’s Tune.' His signature song peaked at #11 on the charts after being released in 1979 (but it didn’t chart until 1980).

Fun fact: Steve Forbert played Cyndi Lauper’s boyfriend in the music video for 'Girls Just Want To Have Fun.' Fun fact #2: The famous piano riff in 'Romeo’s Tune' was played by Elvis Presley’s pianist, Bobby Ogdin. Forbert wound up relocating to Nashville in the mid-80s and has written songs for Keith Urban and Rosanne Cash, among others and he continues to tour.

Big Joe did not play my request.

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