What's going on?

Tebow ticket prices soar in Jersey
Would you pay a minimum $115 a ticket to see a minor league all star game? We're talking class AA. What if I told you Tim Tebow was playing in it? Yes, that Tim Tebow!
Jersey native goes for wheel rollout record
On Monday July 2, Robert “Cozmo” Consulmagno, a Jersey City native, plans to set a new world record for most standing ab wheel rollouts wearing a 40 pound vest in one hour at 12 noon at the PEAC Health and Fitness at 1440 Lower Ferry Road, Ewing New Jersey.
North Hudson Fire Captain needs kidney
"Over a year ago, at age 58, I was diagnosed with End-Stage Kidney Disease, and am presently on peritoneal dialysis. As a result, I am in need of a kidney transplant."
Derek Jeter selling his castle
You would figure the former Yankee captain, born in Pequannock, would live in a castle, complete with a moat to keep the adoring fans out.
Mikey Nichols on Holmdel student not brought on stage
"Quite frankly I find it disgusting. She completed the same education as everyone else. Hell, she even completed the same rehearsal as everyone else, but got stood up at the same graduation as everyone else just because she’s in a wheelchair."
Fallon using border families for cheap publicity
Too bad Fallon couldn't have donated in the name of congress whose job it is to figure this out and have yet to come up with a solution. But congress doesn't get you ratings. Sorry Jimmy, I don't think this will either.
Danny Bonaduce — David Cassidy doc 'was horrendous
Through the special, we see 67 year-old David going for a brain examination where his memory loss is explained. We later find out it was from alcohol poisoning. He's slurring his words, appears helpless at times, and through it all the camera stays on him.