Once upon a time if you wanted to become famous, you had to do something that was worthy of landing you on television or in the movies, maybe even a zany stunt that would get you on America's Funniest Home Videos. Perhaps you started as a comedian or actor and work your way up the ladder to fame.

Now thanks to YouTube, you can be famous overnight! YouTube has provided a quick access to fame and possibly fortune if you can sustain it. Take Manalapan comedian Vic Dibitetto's viral video “Bread and Milk” as an example.

Vic's video has garnered over 13,000,000 million views which lead to the comic being cast in Kevin James “Paul Blart Mall Cop 2” as well several comedy show sellouts. Vic has an extremely successful YouTube page that has more views than the last episode of MASH.

Another example of YouTube sensation hitting it big is comedian Rachel Bloom whose new series “Crazy Ex Girlfriend” debuts tonight on the CW.

Who would you say are some of the YouTube sensations we should know about? What’s the coolest video you’ve ever seen on YouTube? Leave your comments below.

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