With big thanks to our friends Freddie and Sheree, I finally got my butt to MetLife Stadium. They seemed floored when I told them I had never been there before. Stunned actually. In my defense, not that one is required, you have to know I have been to the Meadowlands and also to the Continental Arena. (Anyone remember that?) And you also have to remember MetLife didn't open until 2010 and wasn't named MetLife until the following year. So is it that shocking I had never been there considering when it opened I was still living in Michigan and didn't move back home here to Jersey until summer of 2011? Yeah yeah I know, I've had 7 years. But hey I had young kids to raise all alone at first and not much money. Life happens. I didn't get out much. But at least I've finally been!

It was a blast by the way, even though my wife follows the Broncos and saw them in a crushing, embarrassing defeat. Thank God for the beer!

It got me thinking about all the things that make us truly New Jersey. Example. I've often said even though I was born and raised in Union County, NJ I feel like I've never gained full Jersey credentials since I have yet to hit a deer and have yet to see a bear. Hell, bears have become such an intrinsic part of life in New Jersey they've been seen in all 21 counties and one was even featured on the Jersey-centric Sopranos.

So what should be on a list called 'You're not true Jersey until ______?'

Just a few thoughts.

You're not true Jersey until ______________

you've been to MetLife Stadium

you've been to the Jersey shore

you got in a fight with a seagull at said Jersey shore

you've eaten at a stainless steel place called White Diamond, White Rose, White Manna, etc.

you've hit a deer

you've seen a bear

you've had your blood pressure go high because of someone not getting out of the left lane

you've experienced road rage

you struggle to afford to live here

you ate disco fries

you were pulled over by a state trooper

you had a major delay in receiving your state income tax refund for no good reason

you were yelled at by a worker back when it was called Division of Motor Vehicles

you received a toll violation notice for a toll you paid

you had the north Jersey, south Jersey, central Jersey argument

you waited over an hour to park at a mall at Christmas time

you tried pork roll egg and cheese

you have a go-to pizza place (can NOT be a chain)

you either like Bon Jovi or Bruce Springsteen

you listen to NJ 101.5

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Are you a TRUE New Jerseyan?

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