Since my mother, my sister and I have birthdays a week apart, we always make it a point to get together the first week in August to celebrate our birthdays by having a girls-only birthday lunch with my sisters and my mom.

And we're all kinda crazy and we get kind of loud. There's no drinking or anything, it's just that we talk over each other, interrupt each other and laugh a lot.

So this year we opted to have our little get together in an outdoor venue--namely the pool at my mothers condo building. That way, we didn't disturb TOO many people with our "outdoor voices."

My sisters are much more camera-shy than I am, so none of them wanted to participate in this video. But, being the good sports that they are, they did nonetheless. Come to think of it, maybe it's not that they're good sports.

Maybe it's just because I really gave them no choice. Happy birthday to my mom, my sister, Renna and--oh yeah--Me!

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