Dennis and Judi were discussing the law passed yesterday whereby if you leave your child in the car unattended, it could be considered neglect or abuse.

Do you think leaving your kids in the car is neglect or abuse?
Andreas Rentz/Getty Images

Dennis and Judi both have found themselves in situations as parents over the years where they left their kids in the car for one reason or another. In both of their situations though, the kids were always visible.

Obviously to leave your child in the car during extreme elements or for long periods of time is neglect and/or abuse. But is it neglect if it is only for a minute?

Dennis and Judi had some fun with the topic and started singing the song from Nick Glider titled "Hot Child in the City." They just decided to change the lyrics a little to "Hot Child in the Civic." Other options for the change included replacing "Civic" with "Caddy" and the obvious "Hot Child in the Chevy."

Do you really think that leaving your child in the car is always a case of neglect or abuse? Take the poll below and let us know.

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