They're promising to lower your taxes. Who? Everyone. Practically every would-be elected official makes that claim around election time ... and they just about never come through.

"I don't follow this, but I would imagine in the race for the Cumberland County poultry inspector, they probably said 'I'll lower your taxes if elected,'" Jim Gartearht says in latest installment of the Jim Gearhart Show podcast, available here as well on iTunes and Google PlaySend Jim your thoughts or suggestions for an upcoming episode:

If you pay property taxes in New Jersey, you know how outlandish they can be. They're a multi-headed hydra, Jim says, with your school taxes being the "largest and most greedy head" — in most areas, school taxes account for about 70 percent of the bill you send off every quarter.

But, Jim argues — it doesn't have to be this way. In fact, he says it's unconstitutional.

Why? Find out in the latest edition of the Jim Gearhart Show podcast — it's just one of the topics Jim takes on this week. Check out the full episode below to hear the rest. Email Jim at

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