Great adventure’s coffin challenge is coming up and now it’s even better. For those of you who have not applied yet, there’s still time. Fans of the macabre will adore this opportunity to hang out in a coffin for 30 hours. Experience made possible by great adventure’s fright fest. You’ve already heard that the challenge will allow you to chill in a coffin for 30 hours and I suppose for some of you you’re a dream come true.

I’ve written about Great Adventure’s 30 hour coffin challenge before and if you were slightly intrigued, you’ll be even moreso now. They’ve just announced some new and even creepier incentives to enter. First of all, the contest will be hosted by the ever scary Butch Patrick, who played Eddie Munster on the classic creepfest tv show, the Munsters.

There will be games that include live bugs and stinky food, fewer bathroom breaks, and perhaps scarier than all, a constant loop of everyone’s favorite creepy song, “baby shark.” Remember you still have till September 22 to enter. Winners receive passes and cash prizes!

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